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Alenka Zorman

Address: Celovska 269, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
E-mail address: alenka.zorman AT

Born: September, 1947 in Ljubljana
Married, one grown-up daughter
Living in Ljubljana, the Capital of Slovenia.

Profession: Bachelor of Laws, working on Organization and Human Resources Management - for many years

Hobbies: writing haiku and lyrics, making some illustration, photography, walking, climbing hills, swimming, travelling

Writing haiku since November 1999

Member of Haiku Club of Slovenia, WHC mailing list, WHA

internet links (email, web)

E-mail address: alenka.zorman AT
my web site:
my blog is at :

Several haiku published on:

contests & awards

Participated to some international contests.

The 3 rd prize on the 3rd International Haiku Contest
APOKALIPSA 2000, Slovenia
Honorable mention on the 2nd Yugoslav Senryu Contest "Lotos"

chapbooks, books, collections, & anthologies

For the time being no haiku collection, my own haiku book
planned for 2002.

One haiku has been selected for the Red Moon Anthology 2001
Several haiku will appeare in the Haiku Anthology, Slovenia
(selected haiku from Seasons 1-12) 2001, edited soon

newspapers, magazines, & journal appearances

Published haiku: regularly in "Letni casi"/"Seasons", the Bulletin of Haiku Club of Slovenia; in the literary bulletins "Mentor", Slovenia; "Primorska srecanja", Slovenia; Frogpond, XXIV:1; Haiku Zbornik Ludbreg, 2001, Croatia


Updated : Dec. 27th, 2001

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